Around the world on two rollers
– discover how a vacuum cleaner turned into a hitchhiker


#CleaningAroundTheWorld represents a unique adventure. A vacuum cleaner, the Kärcher TBS 32 will begin an exciting world tour on 8 June 2015. The goal is to travel the world in 3 months

You can be part of the world tour with #CleaningAroundTheWorld. Follow the planned route and find out where it is right now.


The Story

The owner of the TBS 32 is the artist Stefan Gbureck. Known for his road trip projects, it was clear to him that the loyal companion for all things dirt-related should get a second life. This was how he made the vacuum cleaner into a hitchhiker, bringing it out from the cupboard under the stairs and sending it out into the wide world. Kärcher, the inventor of the TBS 32, is also excited to take part, and is sponsoring the journey. The vacuum cleaner is being accompanied by film maker Willow Jon, who will document the vacuum cleaner's adventure as it encounters different people and cultures.

The TBS 32

For over 35 years, the Kärcher vacuum brush TBS 32 has been ensuring cleanliness around the entire world. It has remained convenient and robust ever since – a pioneer among vacuum brushes. These properties will prove advantageous on the long journey.

The Travel Stations

The journey begins on 8 June 2015. The starting point is the TBS 32's old home in Heidelberg, Germany. Starting from there, the vacuum cleaner will hitchhike around the world in 3 months. As well as Europe, the itinerary includes Asia and America. The TBS 32 is currently in:

Join the adventure!

During its journey the TBS 32 will encounter many people from different countries and cultures. Find out about the stories they will experience with the vacuum cleaner here: